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Dental Implants

By Dr. Donna Harder Ferraren


are root device made of titanium used to replace missing teeth, not just on the surface like regular false teeth but implanted deep into the gums to truly resemble real teeth. The implants will fuse to the jawbone in time to effectively hold the new crowns in place. When the prosthetic crown is attached, the implant could look and feel like the real thing!


When teeth are removed, the bones directly underneath begin to disintegrate, losing 25% of its thickness within the first year. Dental implants in the Philippines have become popular because these allow the preservation of the jawline. Instead of the bones disintegrating, these become fused with the titanium implants, a process known as osseointegration. With that, you get to hit 2 birds with 1 stone: the bones are preserved and the implants are held firmly in place.


The actual implants have a roughened surface to allow more surface area for the bones to attach. Depending on a number of factors, it could take 4 to 8 months for the implant body to fused to the bone. The upper portion of the implants has abutments where the prosthetic teeth crowns are attached after the osseointegration process has stabilized and the wounds have healed.



Dental Implant


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