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NOVEMBER 13, 2014

Zirconia Crowns, Extraordinarily Tough to Last a Lifetime


Zirconia crowns are dental crowns made from zirconium material which is extraordinarily tough to ensure that you can use these for a lifetime, with no fear of adverse effects considering that the material is biocompatible. Tough, these crowns can withstand wear and tear as long as you don’t abuse them by frequently biting into rock-hard foods.

Achieving the Perfect Smile

There is no metal fuse used to strengthen the material, ensuring that the finish is smooth and translucent that other people won’t be able to tell the difference between this and your natural teeth. Don’t worry if you had been teeth before because the zirconium crowns can be created to perfection, giving you a great smile and better teeth.

Zirconia crowns have a number of advantages over porcelain and gold crowns. For one, porcelain crowns are prone to chipping while those made of zirconium are so tough that you won’t probably experience chipping at all! Aside from lasting longer, they really do look more natural especially because porcelain crowns need a metal base which could blacken the overall appearance – something you want to avoid, of course.

Gold crowns look cool, perhaps, but a number of people are not so happy infusing their bodies with any kind of metal. Also, using gold crowns often emphasizes that you’ve had problems with your teeth, something that most people do not like to reveal.

So, for achieving the perfect smile, use zirconia crowns instead.

It Fits All Sizes!

What’s great about zirconia crowns is that these could fit all sizes, especially because the crowns are customized to match the patient’s natural teeth to make this as natural-looking as possible. It can easily fill the gaps between teeth.

The dentist will create an impression out of your teeth, ensuring that the perfect fit is achieved when the dental crown is created. A match of your natural teeth will also be checked from a color chart so as to make the closest shade possible.

It is necessary to come back to the clinic for the dental crown because, often, it would still have to be created in the technician’s laboratory rather than prepared quickly in the dentist’s office.

The zirconia crown is made by milling from solid material to create the desired shape before baking at very high temperatures. With that, the crown is virtually indestructible – your chance to a lifetime of not worrying about having this dental material replaced.

Zirconia Crowns at Makati Dental Clinic

With more than 20 years of painless expertise, you can trust Makati Dental Clinic with your dental woes. You are rest assured that we only use the best quality materials for the dental products we offer.

We can help you regain your perfect smile with superb choices such as zirconia crowns, dental implants, dental bridges, and other great products to choose from.

The clinic’s central location in Makati makes sure that you can easily find the clinic and find ample time to also enjoy the shopping centers in the area.

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