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NOVEMBER 13, 2014

Teeth Veneers and Gum Contouring

By Kim


So I’ve decided to go to my dentist to have my regular cleaning. Then decided to have my 6 front teeth for ims empress composite veneers. I’m really not a fan of going to the dental clinic, I hate it actually, apart from I’m scared, it hurts, specially when I’m feeling “ngilo” (tooth pains) and all those bad stuff uncomfy feeling inside my mouth. LolIt took about 2hrs to finish my veneers by Dra. Karla. After the procedure I was happy as my teeth became whiter, it’s now more appealing to look at, my 6 front teeth are aligned and no tooth gaps already.

After a week, I went back for cleaning and gum contouring. I was really scared at first because knowing that there will be alot of injections, gum cutting, blood and all that just freaks me out. Buuuutttt, for the sake of beauty and to have that nice smile that I always dreamed of, I decided and went ahead.

After putting a topical anesthesia on my gums and waited for about 2mins. I saw Dra. Donna getting a big injection, then I just my closed my eyes as I’m afraid I’ll back out all of sudden during the procedure. But I didn’t felt pain during the incision. I just had to close my eyes, so I won’t see the needles and big injections.

Then I felt like Dra. Donna was cutting off my gums and re-shaping it. She told me that I had a masculine kind of gums as it’s square so she contoured my gums in a more appealing way. It took about 1hour to finish the my gum contour.

I had to take 500mg dolfenal a pain reliever medicine only for one day to ease the pain and minor swelling of my gums. For the first 2days after my gum contour, i had problem brushing teeth because of the gums are not yet fully healed, and it hurts whenever the brush hits my gums. So i Have to do it carefully, one by one each tooth to clean my teeth. At the moment my gums are already 90% healed. I am very happy with the result and I am now more confident in smiling and having that shiny bright teeth.

If you would want to inquire. I highly recommend my beautiful dentists Dra. Karla and Dra. Donna Ferraren of Makati Dental Clinic. Mobile #: +63 917 302 5339 Landline: 02 897-5846 (More than 25 yrs of painless expertise)

Thanks for reading. *kisses*



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