Makati Dental Clinics are the Greenbelt Makati Dental Center and the DH Ferraren Dental Clinic. We provide free consultation and discuss the best treatment plan. The treatment is affordable and painless.

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Makati Dental Clinic

The services of a competent, experienced dentist is your best shot at improving your looks, for a brighter smile and more self-confidence. Finding the right dentist can help ensure that you are comfortable while undergoing the dental procedures because you have full trust on whoever is wielding the instruments.

When it comes to excellent dental services, trust only the dentists with extensive years of experience in the field. Dr. Donna H. Ferraren, the head dentist has 25 years experience. You can’t deny that 20 plus years of service can easily make someone the best one for the job! The team at Makati Dental Clinic is known for their gentle yet highly competent hands to give you a brighter smile that you can be proud of! No need to cover your mouth with your hands when you laugh or smile because your teeth can be as whiter and evenly spaced as you could ever wish for!

Our dentists highly value the quality of their dental work. We make sure that our client feels comfortable and relax before and during the dental procedure. The dentist listens to your needs and know what you want and then discuss on how to go about your treatment.

Dr. Donna Ferraren

GMDC is headed by Dr. Donna Harder Ferraren, an experienced dentist of 25 years. The good doctor humbly started with one dental chair in the heart of Makati Poblacion suitably located beside a talipapa or wet market. She gained her patients' trust through the years in which a quite good number of them became her steadfast friends. They often say how lucky they are to have known her as a friend and their dentist. Dr. Donna or simply called Doktora to many, is a dedicated and dynamic dentist. She earnestly explains cases to patients that sometimes one can only wonder where she gets her unending energy. Her patient's well-being is foremost in her mind when she works such that she makes sure that the final outcome satisfies her patient. Her efficiency coupled with her good natured disposition relaxes the patient's nerves which become the main reason why they keep coming back. It is not a surprised that she earned the respect of not only her patients but her co-dentists as well.

It is not long after that Dr. Ferraren's clinic expanded to three dental chairs. With the customers' constant demands, she hired younger dentists to help-out. In the beginning, it seems that she needed their assistance but in the end, the novice dentists are quite lucky to have her as their mentor since she generously shares her knowledge and patiently explains solutions to dental cases. Eventually, she became their role-model, not only in their profession but also in their attitude specially to work. Learning never stops to Dr. Ferraren. In between running her clinic and taking care of her husband and son, she makes sure that she is updated with the ever changing and improvement of dental instruments. She has attended various trainings and seminars such as: cosmetic dentistry that deals with veneers and crowns, biofunctional dentistry that deals with the harmony of the muscles, jaws and teeth and implant dentistry which also deals with the esthetics of bone and gums..

With Dr. Donna's dedication and hard work, she further expanded and opened her new clinic at the heart of Makati's business district in Greenbelt, thus called Greenbelt Makati Dental Center. She constantly upgrades her equipment to with the latest trends and demands of the clients. She now has the diagnostic equipment which is the digital panoramic and cephalometric x-ray to be able to diagnose and treat the patient effectively and efficiently.

Dr. Ezra K. Delani

A graduate of University of the East, College of dentistry. Helping our patients bring back the Duchenne smile is one of my priority. Taking time clearly to explain treatment options can build trust and honest relationship with the patient and dentist. High quality dental care, patient education and satisfaction is what I aim for my patients.

Dr. Gracel Nicole R. Paulo

A graduate of Centro Escolar University-Makati. A member of International Association of Orthodontics-Philippine Section. A dedicated dentist who creates beautiful smile.

"Hardwork beats talent when talent fails to work hard."

Dr. Luis Miguel P. Espina

I am very motivated, compassionate and willing to use my god-given abilities to educate my patients, make them comfortable during the procedure and give them a better smile before they leave the clinic.

"Your satisfaction has always been my priority, it is my source of happiness."

Dr. Juliet Chang-Espina

As a dentist, I believe in assisting my patients to feel their best through a holistic application of dentistry that improves oral health and empower patients to make lifestyle choice that build strong teeth, healthy gums, and beautiful smile.

Dr. Yves Rocher Laoagan

Performs all the dental treatment with a gentle touch, puts patient at ease and believes in patient involvement in treatment decision making.

Dr. Patricia Nicole Macalintal

Your well-being is my priority.

A graduate of University of the East, College of dentistry. As a dentist it is my duty to serve my patients to the best of my ability by applying the highest standard of dental care. I do this through thorough diagnosis and careful treatment taking into account your comfort and understanding of what we are to do. I won’t rest until we achieve your dental satisfaction. At the end of the day we will make sure that you smile healthily, confidently and happily.

Dr. Tasreen T. Ahmed

A graduate of University of the East, College of dentistry. Soaring and aiming higher to serenely serve patient.

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

Alona Vaje

Motivated, Hardworking, Reliable and Dedicated. Tooth be told… WE LOVE OUR PATIENTS!

Jenifer Sapallo

Motivated, Hardworking, Reliable and Dedicated. Tooth be told… WE LOVE OUR PATIENTS!

Camille Cruz

Motivated, Hardworking, Reliable and Dedicated. Tooth be told… WE LOVE OUR PATIENTS!

Edilwina Ibarbia

Motivated, Hardworking, Reliable and Dedicated. Tooth be told… WE LOVE OUR PATIENTS!

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